Sky Babes vs Fly Boys

4.8 ( 1598 ratings )
Hry Zdraví a fitness Strategy
Vývojář: A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. Games
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Take to the skies as an ace delivery pilot and race against rivals to deliver the most cargo across the globe. But beware, competition in this business is fierce.

Tap hundreds of exotic destinations to pickup and deliver packages. Longer routes can earn more cash but burn more fuel, so plan wisely and double up on deliveries when you can! Touch and drag to explore and reveal locations on the beautifully rendered 3D globe.

Running an airline delivery service is expensive, so keep an eye on your bank account. With the cost of fuel ever increasing as you play, its only a matter of time until either you or your opponents go bankrupt. Outlast the competition and achieve global delivery dominance!


Editors Choice
"Sky Babes vs. Fly Boys is a fun and addictive time killer with fast-paced game-play perfectly suited to the mobile platform. The titles polished presentation is an excellent example of how pleasing a simple game, when done well, can be. Easily worth the ninety-nine cent App Store price tag, pick it up for your next bout of air travel."